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Nasco is an aboriginal grape variety mainly grown around the province of Cagliari.

It is one of the oldest varieties of grapes grown in Sardinia and is responsible for producing Nasco wines. Often referred to as Nascu in Sardinian dialect, the name has been drawn from a Latin word Muscus, which is generally used to indicate the strong and obvious musky scent. They are generally yellowish golden in colour with brown speckles and give out a beautiful aroma when they bloom.


Colour: straw yellow.

Nose: elegant and complex with notes of sweet spices, flowers and pleasant hints of toasted fruit.

Taste: full and persistent, with a pleasant flavour and a delicate almond finish.

GRAPES: 100% Nasco.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Area surrounding the Winery, characterised by medium texture soils composed of clayey limestone of Miocene origin, medium height slopes, sub-arid climate.

PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY: After cold maceration on the skins for one night, the must is allowed to rest for 12 hours at low temperature in order to clarify gently. Selected yeasts are added to the clean part and it is then fermented at 14°C for about 14 days. After fermen- tation, the wine is drawn off and ageing takes place on the lees for the entire period before bottling.

AGEING: It is can be drunk one year after the vintage, but its structure makes it suited to long periods of ageing.

STORAGE TEMPERATURE: In cool, dry places and away from light.


SERVE WITH: Perfect paired with seafood dishes tasted when young, or with medium mature cheeses. A few years after the vintage, it becomes the perfect companion for meditation.