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Cannonau Grape

Sardinia's flagship red grape Cannonau is definitely the “Sardinian wine” par excellence. Recent findings show that it is perhaps the oldest grape in the Mediterranean. Typically medium-full bodied with notes of dark and forest fruits that capture the island's warmth.
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Monica Grape

Monica is a grape variety commonly grown across the whole island of Sardinia. A very popular red amongst the Sardinians as an 'everyday' easy drinking red wine. A grape with good structure, lots of dark fruits and earthy undertones.

Carignano Grape

The Carignano grape typically across Spain and France is usually blended. Here Cantina Di Dolianova have been able to achieve a fantastic 100% Carignano thanks to the Sardinian climate and soil. Medium bodied, smooth and velvety with incredible notes of wild berries which pairs perfectly with first courses, red meats and full flavoured cheeses.

Barbera Sarda Grape

Barbera is traditionally the former, Italian indigenous variety that grows only in the areas of Acqui and Alessandria, it is usually used in a blend with other local grapes from Piedmont. However the Barbera Sarda which is said to not be a relative, grows near the city of Cagliari, Oristano and Sassari. Smooth and intense with notes of oak, tobacco and cherry.

Jù Rosso - Designed To Challenge All Great Reds

 was the name of the yoke of oxen that crossed Sardinian vineyards to open the land and make it fertile, ready to welcome the new vines. Today,  becomes the name of a wine that represents the synthesis of Sardinian wine making. A wine destined to challenge the great wines. An intense, deep and well structured blend of Sardinian grapes.

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