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At Sarda Wines, we pride ourselves on sourcing and importing the best of Sardinian wine into the U.K in order to elevate your wine racks and experience at home; showcasing the prestigious wines Sardinia has to offer. Founder; chef & sommelier Riccardo Floris, half Welsh and half Sardinian was raised within the restaurant industry and it's professional kitchens, surrounded by successful chefs & restaurateurs of Cardiff, the capital city and popular culinary food scene of Wales.
Due to Riccardo's heritage and personal relationship with the Sardinian island, he was always amazed by how undiscovered Sardinian wine was within restaurants and wine bars in the U.K. Therefore Riccardo made it his mission not only to bring the best of Sardinian wine into the U.K, but to deliver Sardinia's highest quality grapes and unique flavour profiles straight to your door.
Sarda Wines' existence is built on a passion for top end wines and Italian cuisine, combined with an unconditional love for Italy and the Sardinian island itself. We believe that each bottle of wine should tell a story, and our selection of premium Sardinian wines does just that. From the unique grape varieties to the meticulous winemaking techniques, each sip is a journey through Sardinia's rich cultural heritage. 
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