Vermentino: A Sardinian Grape and Wine

Vermentino: A Sardinian Grape and Wine

If you are a wine lover, you may already be familiar with Vermentino, a white grape variety that is widely grown in Sardinia, Italy. Vermentino is considered the flagship white grape of the island and is known for producing wines that are crisp, refreshing, and packed with flavour.


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Sardinia's warm and sunny climate is perfect for the Vermentino grape, which thrives in the region's medium texture soils composed of clayey limestone of Miocene origin, medium height slopes, and sub-arid climate. The grape can be grown all over the island and also over the rest of Italy, but its true characteristics blossom when grown in Sardinia.

One of the most popular Vermentino wines available on the market is the Vermentino Di Sardegna Prendas DOC by Cantina Di Dolianova, part of the 'Cinque Cerchi' collection, which is available at This multiple award-winning wine is full of tropical and mineral notes on the nose, while crisp on the palate with notes of spiced apple and pear.


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The wine is made using 100% Vermentino grapes that are carefully selected from the most suitable plots. After the grapes are de-stemmed and crushed, the obtained must is clarified by cold static decanting, and selected yeasts are added to the clean part. Fermentation takes place at a temperature of 14-16°C for about fourteen days. When fermentation is complete, the wine remains on the fine lees for about 45 days and is bottled in the spring following the harvest to keep its fresh characteristics intact.

The Vermentino Di Sardegna Prendas DOC has a pale straw yellow colour with slight greenish glints and an intensely floral, fresh, and fruity nose. On the palate, the wine is intense and persistent, acidic, with delicate and characteristic bitter notes at the finish. In perfect storage conditions, the wine can be aged for a further period of 2 years from bottling date.


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To fully enjoy the Vermentino Di Sardegna Prendas DOC, it is recommended to serve it at a temperature of 10°-12°C and pair it with seafood appetizers, grilled fish, and stewed fish.

In conclusion, Vermentino is a grape variety that represents the essence of Sardinia, and the Vermentino Di Sardegna Prendas DOC is a perfect representation of the flagship white grape of Sardinia. This wine is a must-try for wine enthusiasts who want to experience the taste of Sardinia's sunny and warm climate in a bottle.

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